It is not even a year since British Airways introduced new meals in Club Europe and now it is reported they are getting a revamp. It appears the feedback on the offering has been listened to.

Reports indicate that another new meal service is due to be introduced in 2018. Let’s hope it is better than what is currently on offer which you can see below.

A Lot of Bread

A staple on routes classed as short and medium was the hot sandwich or panini. This clump of bread is usually filled with something inexpensive like cheese and tomato.

Another option is beef with a couple of jalapeƱos and while both options are fine, you expect more than fine when paying for business class. These definitely need a revamp.

Don’t Like Bread?

Of course, British Airways offer two choices in Club Europe at meal time. For those that don’t like bread, there is another option, especially if you’re not very hungry.

These are the salad type options which are quite light on well, everything. The picture on the left was the original offering and the one on the right is a bit later once customers started complaining about the lack of food.

Revamp Afternoon Tea

My favourite flights in Club Europe used to be between 2pm and 4:59pm so I would be served afternoon tea. Why? Scones! Lots of delicious English scones, finger sandwiches and cake. Then they were gone and the shine left British Airways a little for me.

Instead the offering became three finger sandwiches on their own which looks extremely parsimonious or a Ploughman’s lunch. Since the sandwiches are an insult, I always get the Ploughman’s. It should stay, but bring back my scones!

This Is The Way To Do It!

On longer flights there is a proper meal service on British Airways in Club Europe. These definitely don’t need a revamp and feedback is generally great. Two courses and one of these is a hot option. I loved this on my last Stockholm to London flight.

Real food served well which tasted superb! I will make a note that the oat cakes accompanying the cheese tasted like sand, so water crackers would be preferable but otherwise it was exceptionally good. Hopefully these meals will make their way onto more routes.

Overall Thoughts

It is good to see that British Airways is taking notice of customer feedback. Providing your most lucrative customers with food that is at best mediocre and at worst downright insulting is not a good way to run a business.

I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of the changes but at the end of the day as long as my scones come back I’ll be happy. What are you hoping the new meals will be? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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