The sharing model is quite popular at the moment, with businesses like AirBnb linking people with free homes to people wanting a place to stay. A new company is now allowing people to rent their parked car to others from the airport.

Car & Away is operating at London Gatwick Airport and the model is simple. You might be parking your car for a week or two weeks, so instead of it being idle, the company rents it out to someone needing a car and you get paid for that.

Rent Your Car At The Airport

How it works is quite simple. You drop your car off at the terminal and the Car & Away people take it off for a valet and install telematics to monitor driving. The next day, someone takes your car as a rental and uses it as one normally would. The process for an owner is explained in the video below.

After the rental is finished, the car is returned and it goes off for another valet. You arrive the following day and take it home, pocketing 60% of the rental income obtained during the period.

What About Problems?

The Car & Away web site has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions in their help section. All drivers must hold a UK or Ireland driving licence for one, plus be over 25.

Owners must have comprehensive insurance for their car, plus there are conditions as to the cars age and so on. Everything from breakdown to damage is all covered here so that people have peace of mind leaving their cars to be taken by strangers.

Overall Thoughts

Considering cars otherwise lie idle in long term car parks at airports, it makes sense to rent these out. I would be happy enough for someone else to drive my car and earn money while I’m away.

What do you think of this concept? Do you think it is something that will catch on? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image Scottie Scheid on Unsplash.