Just completed a day learning about Delta Air Lines. Today, I was invited to a Delta Air Lines event known as #InsideDelta. Day 1 was spent learning about Delta’s operations, touring the Operations Customer Center, airport operations at Atlanta in the ramp tower and in the baggage room, a look at the A330 Business Elite cabin, and Delta’s Technical Operations Center. Our day was capped off with a meeting with Delta CEO Richard Anderson.

As an ex-airline guy, it’s always fun to get back to my aviation roots, even if I didn’t work for Delta. I really enjoyed getting a behind the scenes look at the airline I fly most. Suffice it to say, Monday was one of the most informative days I’ve experienced. I plan to post a full blog on the experience later this week, but I wanted to add a few words now, and share a few pictures. More very soon.









-MJ, June 17, 2014