Recapping the 27th Annual Freddie Awards

On April 27th, 2017, the 27th annual Freddie Awards were held in Jersey City, New Jersey.  2017’s award ceremony was held at the Hyatt Regency overlooking the Hudson River.  Each year at the Freddie Awards, the winners of best frequent flyer program, best co-branded credit card, and best hotel customer service, among others, are announced.

Following a year full of record-shattering voter turnout, the winners were finally announced Thursday night.  Award winners were broken up into geographical regions; Europe and Africa, The Middle East/Asia/Oceana, and The Americas.  13 awards were up for grabs in each region; 39 awards in total.  Awards were also broken down into categories: co-branded credit card, hotels, and airlines.  Delegates and representatives from airlines, hotels, and credit card companies attend the Freddie Awards to receive their awards.

This year over 400 attendees came to the Freddie Awards not only in hopes of winning a Freddie but also to enjoy a fantastic dinner, talk with colleagues, and indulge in an open bar!

Somehow, BoardingArea and the Freddie Awards let me attend the prestigious awards ceremony.  That said, after a few days to recoup from missing flights and sitting in New York City traffic, I’d like to break down the 27th annual Freddie Awards.

3 Geographical Regions, 3 Posts

Rather than cram all 39 awards into one post, I’ve decided to break down the awards ceremony over three posts.  Each post will be dedicated to a specific geographical region.  Additionally, within each post, awards will be covered by categories: co-branded credit card, hotels, and airlines.  Follow the links below to access each post.


Additionally, I’m going to provide some context to the award winners.  Using results from the past three Freddie Awards, I will do my best to analyze this year’s winners.

Questions, Concerns?

If you’re curious to hear more about what the Freddie Awards are like or would like to know more about each award, please feel free to contact me anytime.  I’ve provided my Twitter handle, link to my Facebook page, and email address should you have any questions about the 27th annual Freddie Awards.

I’d also like to take the time to thank Barclaycard for presenting the 27th annual Freddie Awards.  Furthermore, these awards could not be done without the support of the following sponsors: Points, eBags, MilesLife, BoardingArea, and Connexions Loyalty.  Thanks again!

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Recapping the Freddie Award Winners

Recapping the Freddie Award Winners