Japan Airlines operate a Sakura Lounge in Frankfurt. This caters for business class passengers and people who are oneworld Sapphire and above. There is a separate first class lounge which is sadly not open until the afternoon.

The lounge is quite busy during the morning with many seats taken and lots of people working away on devices. The lounge is essentially one big open room with a few dividers here and there.

Showering In Frankfurt

When you ask for a shower, the desk attendant will take your boarding pass and issue you with a key to the shower. It is a fairly standard airline lounge shower and what stands out in my mind is that the towels are orange.

Unlike many other lounge showers, it does not include a toilet. It is solely the shower stall and a basin. Ventilation was not brilliant and the room was fairly humid which I never like.

Drinking In The Lounge

All of the drinks are self-service and it includes wine, sparkling wine, a selection of spirits and more. I tried a glass of the sparkling wine and it was quite drinkable.

Of course the lounge also has a fridge filled with soft drink, bottles of water and juice for those who are not drinking alcohol.

Morning Food Selection

Interestingly there does not appear to be any food that is Japanese. I would have loved some sushi for example, but the options were very standard. Breakfast cereals, a continental breakfast option and sandwiches are available.

Hot options included pork sausages, chicken meatballs and veggie meatballs. There is a space and label for soup but there was no soup available when I was there.

There are some other bits and pieces for snacking on as well if you are so inclined.

Overall Thoughts

While bright and cheerful, the overall feeling of the decor is beige and unexciting which is matched by a very uninspiring food selection. The lounge is functional but nothing very exciting, if anything it is a trifle underwhelming.

Certainly the shower is adequate despite the fact it could be better ventilated and the wireless Internet works well. The lounge employees were business like rather than friendly which is quite fine.

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