Aeroflot Wins First Ever Freddie, LeClub Accor Dominates Hotel Category

This year’s Freddie Award winners in Europe and Africa show a changing landscape in Europe.  Though still a prominent player among Europe’s frequent flyers, Air France/KLM’s Flying Blue continued to lose footing.  Europe, like the Americas, has been hit with low-cost carrier fever.  This is evident in Norwegian Air’s fantastic night at the Freddie Awards.  Aeroflot also managed to take home two Freddie Awards after receiving their first Freddie in the airline’s history.

Accor Hotel’s LeClub Accor dominated the hotel category this year continuing a fairly consistent streak.  Starwood’s SPG program was a close second in most hotel categories while IHG group failed to win any Freddies in Europe/Africa this year.

27th Annual Freddie Award Winners in Europe/Africa

As previously mentioned, this year’s Freddie Awards welcomed a new airline to the club, Aeroflot.  Aeroflot has only recently begun to shed an image marred by the airline’s Soviet Era legacy.  Just recently, Aeroflot was considered unsafe and unbearable, however, its image is changing.  Additionally, Norwegian Air is gaining traction not only on Trans-Atlantic flights but also among frequent flyers.

Accor Hotel’s LeClub Accor program managed to win awards that had, in the past, gone to Starwood’s SPG program.  However, LeClub Accor was no underdog.


Highlights: Accor Hotel’s LeClub Accor takes most awards/Choice Hotels takes 210 Award

Program of the YearAccor Hotels, LeClub Accor
Best Elite BenefitsStarwood Hotels, Starwood Preferred Guest
Best PromotionAccor Hotels, LeClub Accor
Best Customers ServiceAccor Hotels, LeClub Accor
Best Award Redemption Availability Accor Hotels, LeClub Accor
210 AwardChoice Hotels, Choice Privilege
(Image: Accor Hotels)

(Image: Accor Hotels)


Highlights: Norwegian Air takes program of the year which had typically gone to Air France/KLM’s Flying Blue/Norwegian Air’s Norwegian Reward program was actually last year’s 210 Award winner in Europe/Aeroflot takes home first Freddie Award ever

Program of the YearNorwegian Air, Norwegian Reward
Best Elite BenefitsAir France/KLM, Flying Blue
Best PromotionAir France/KLM, Flying Blue
Best Customer ServiceAeroflot, Aeroflot Bonus
Best Award Redemption AvailabilityAeroflot, Aeroflot Bonus
210 AwardTAP Portugal, Victoria Programme
(Image: Norwegian Air)

(Image: Norwegian Air)

Credit Card

Best Affinity Credit CardNorwegian Air, Norwegian Reward, Bank Norwegian Norwegian Card


I was very surprised to see Aeroflot take any awards home.  I was shocked to discover that Aeroflot took home best customer service, a true shocker!  However, just like in the Americas, low-cost carriers are all the rage and Norwegian Reward is beginning to gain traction as a serious frequent flyer program.  Accor Hotels continued to dominate the hotel category this year.  Interestingly, Lufthansa’s Miles and More did not take home a Freddie Award this year, a first for the airline in a number of years.

What do you think of this year’s Freddie Award winners?