Time for another random post.  Today, I’m blogging from the TGI Fridays at DCA.  I’ll bet many of you have been here.  I’m not flying today.  Instead, I’m waiting to pick up Mrs. MJ on Travel who is arriving from OKC via DFW on American.  I got here early, brought my laptop, and decided to make use of the time here.

As you’ll note in my previous post, I had a fabulous time last night co-hosting the online chat for the 21st annual FREDDIE Awards with Steven Frischling from Flying with Fish.  I was honored to host alongside such an accomplished traveler and blogger as Steven, and thanks again to Randy Peterson for the opportunity.  Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan and Marriott Rewards really cleaned up last night.  Steven has posted a fantastic summary on his blog.  It was a great evening, and I hope you were able to be there in person or join us on the chat.

My trip to Atlanta next week has been postponed until next month.  I won’t be able to accomplish my primary reason for being there until then due to circumstances outside my control, so I’m rebooked for May 12th.  These many weeks off the road are starting to get on my nerves but that’s the cost of doing business I guess.  Travel runs in cycles for me, and right now, I am in a down cycle.  I don’t have anything else booked until May 22nd, and that’s to Miami to catch our cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas.  Have I mentioned that I’m looking forward to that?!?!  And totally by chance, Dan from Things in the Sky will be on the same cruise.  I’m sure we’ll visit to talk about planes at some point during the cruise.

For what it’s worth, DCA, while not running over with people, is quite busy tonight.  Security is jumping and there’s even a handful of people waiting to use the Clear (R) kiosks at the center pier.  Friday at the airport…gotta love it!  I’ll post more this weekend.