Fare Sale

Southwest initiated a 72 hour fare sale this week starting at $25 dollars each way.  Other carriers matched selectively.  Granted, it covered the traditionally non-peak periods between Thanksgiving and Christmas as well the post New Year travel period.  $25 dollars?  How long has it been since we’ve seen fares like that?  It’s going to be a very cold winter for airlines, actual temperatures may vary.

NWA Overfly

No one understands how you overfly an airport by 150 miles.  I understand how it happens, but that doesn’t mean there’s any excuse for it.  And no, I don’t think they were asleep.

Delta Lands on the Taxiway

For any pilot of any size aircraft, those runway lights can get confusing at night, following a long flight into a very large airport with multiple runways and taxiways.  In my former airline career, there were procedures in place to help you make sure you were lined up with the correct runway.  One thing we always did was tune in the ILS for the runway we were assigned to even during the clearest weather.  I can’t help but think that Delta does the same.  That said, I understand how this happened as well.  Still, doesn’t mean there’s an excuse for it.