We’re here.  Mrs MJonTravel and I flew down Friday afternoon on a Southwest nonstop from BWI.  Our flight was a little late leaving and then we had 135 knot headwinds all the way.  Otherwise, things were fine.  Great actually.  Southwest’s inflight crew was super, passing down the aisles for 2 official rounds of beverages and requests for 3 rounds were cheerfully delivered to whomever asked.

I’ll post a complete trip report next week, with thoughts on Southwest’s new Early Bird Check-in (which I used on the way down), Rapid Rewards (traveling on RR tickets this trip), and Southwest in general (which doesn’t charge $25 dollars to check one bag like Delta now does).

If you haven’t noticed, the $25 dollar price-point for checking one bag is on my radar.  I’ve been soft on bag fees.  Why?  I don’t have a huge issue with “unbundling” in general, and baggage fees in particular…to a point.  Not to mention, as an elite member of 2 mileage programs, I don’t pay baggage fees anyway.  I’ve posted previously that I think the “sweet spot” for bag fees is JetBlue’s policy of allowing the first checked bag free of charge.  Shockingly, other airlines have not caught on to my obvious airline industry genius and continue to pile on.  Apparently because travelers are either buying into this  by paying the fees with joy or annoying the rest of us when they try to sneak all of their crap on the airplane.  Sooner or later, the airlines are going to discover the top end of what travelers are willing to tolerate in regards to bag fees.  Only time will tell if travelers stop flying them before they figure it out.