It was an easy choice between a cockroach infested Bates Motel type place or the Ramada Hounslow. Paying the extra £20 or so was certainly worth it and I paid just £55 for my room all in.

I needed to be close to Heathrow Airport for an appointment the next day and this hotel seemed to meet my needs. These were a place as cheap as possible that wasn’t a dive, plus somewhere close to both a London Underground station and the airport.

Location, Location, Location

Hounslow Central underground station is exactly 9 minutes Tube ride to the Terminal 1, 2, 3 Station at Heathrow Airport. I timed it the next morning just for you.

Just as good is the fact the hotel Ramada Hounslow is about 60 seconds walk from Hounslow Central tube station. I like to get straight to my hotel after taking public transport so this suited me very well.

A Pleasure At Check-In

The fact my room was £55 meant I was concerned that perhaps it was going to be bad. On arrival at check-in, the sight of an entire airline crew checking in warmed the cockles of my heart.

Hotels need to be of a certain standard for airlines to overnight their crew so I knew the place would be fine. Check-in was fast, professional and painless and soon I was in my room.

Ramada Hounslow Room

When you walk in to the room, the bathroom is on the right, on the left is a wardrobe then a desk and opposite is the bed. All the usual things you would expect.

As it is winter, the room was toasty and warm. Well, for some. I found it to be exceedingly hot so I turned off the heater on the wall and flipped on the nice powerful air conditioning to cool the room. It worked very well!

How About A Sleep?

Unlike some hotels that go overboard with pillows, the Ramada Hounslow keeps things to what is needed. There are two and I found them to be fine, but a little flat for my taste. I do like them plump!

When it was time to sleep, I found the bed quite comfortable. Firm yet soft, without any horrible dips. Happily there are standard sockets under the bed side tables so you can charge your device and have it within reach during the night.

There’s Even Room Service!

Wrapped around the lamp on the desk was a rather extensive drinks menu. You can get just about everything under the sun including some fairly decent Champagne!

Further investigation revealed menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While not particularly extensive, they certainly cater for any needs during the stay. I arrived after the 10pm closure and left in the morning, so I didn’t try any of it on this visit.

A Clean Functional Bathroom

You can’t go wrong with a black, white and grey bathroom and the Ramada Hounslow doesn’t put a foot wrong here. Everything is clean and well maintained which I always appreciate.

My only issue is they use that combined shampoo, conditioner and bath gel mix that you squeeze to use. It is more environmentally friendly but the snob in me doesn’t love it. Water pressure and temperature in the shower are perfect.

Overall Thoughts

Guess what? I had a perfectly pleasant stay at the Ramada Hounslow. They brand it as Heathrow East in order to entice some people to stay here rather than at the airport hotels.

Having stayed on Bath Road at various Heathrow airport hotels, the ease of getting to and from the airport to this property beats them all hands down. A quick 9 minute Tube is better than Hotel Hoppa buses in the middle of the night and all the rest.

The fact the price is right and it has all the amenities you would need for a stay means I will certainly stay here again. Oh, what about Wireless Internet? Fast and free! No issues using my laptop, so yet another win.

Have you stayed in a reasonably priced hotel and been surprised by the amenities? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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