I’ve blogged about Thanks Again Rewards before. Thanks Again is a rewards program that most of us that fly are at least tacitly aware of because they partner with a lot of airports. You earn rewards for parking, shopping at the store, airport restaurants, etc. I personally miss being near an Oxxo dry cleaner, which earned a few miles for my laundry too! You can see which airports and local businesses near you participate by clicking here.

At it’s heart, the program is simple – you earn 1 mile or 2 hotel points per dollar spent at participating merchants. A little lunch before the flight, etc., and you get a few miles. It’s by no means a bonanza, but since I’m picking up a few miles for something I’m going to do anyway, I have registered all of my credit cards with the program. They alert you via email when you’ve earned miles, and starting perhaps a month or so (maybe 2) back, I began receiving emails like this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 9.12.17 AM

I can’t find where Uber is a Thanks Again program participant on the program’s website, but every transaction I’ve had with Uber for a while now has resulted in one of these emails. When looking at my transaction history with Thanks Again, I see that I’m not earning any miles with each Uber ride, but the amounts are counting towards the $1000 in quarterly spend that will net you a 5,000 mile (or 10,000 hotel point) quarterly bonus. Most of the big airline programs partner with Thanks Again as does Hilton HHonors. You can review the complete list of miles/points program participants here.

In closing, I’m not presenting this as a big miles opportunity, but since it’s easy to participate, one might as well register. It’s hard for me to envision spending $1000 in a quarter at airport merchants or the other businesses that participate near me, but I suppose it’s possible. The fact that Uber rides are netting an accrual towards the spend needed for a 5,000 mile quarterly bonus is just gravy. New to Uber? You can use my promo code, ubermjontravel, to get $30 off your first ride, and I’ll get $30 off my next ride too.

-MJ, September 13, 2014