In May of 2024, Delta opened an expansion of its LGA Sky Club, which was already quite large to begin with. It’s one of my favorite domestic lounges due to the comfortable, expansive seating and solid food selection. If you want to see my review of the other parts of the lounge from a prior visit, you can do so here. With the expansion, they added a brand-new Sky Deck, an additional bar, plus more than 100 extra seats. The expansion was about 4,500 square feet, and now the Delta LGA Sky Club is over 35,000 square feet, making it the largest in the Sky Club network.

New Dining Tables and Bar

So before, the back of the lounge was the “train-station-themed room”, and they have removed the wall that enclosed that space and added additional dining tables, a bar, and the Sky Deck.

a room with many tables and plants

Expansion Area

a room with tables and chairs and people in it

New Dining Tables

There is a new full-service bar next to the Sky Deck entrance. Also next to the bar, there is a new nonalcoholic beverage station, with coffee and teas (but no fountain drinks).

a new bar with a counter and chairs in a room with windows with the Sky Club expansion

New Bar

The New Sky Deck

Passing the new bar, you can enter the brand-new Sky Deck. It’s long and rectangular but offers a variety of seating near the edge to plane spot, middle with counter-style seating to get work done, as well as sofas along the wall for relaxing.

During my afternoon visit, the weather in New York was very hot, so I decided to retreat back inside. I can’t wait to enjoy the Sky Deck during times of milder weather.

Sky Club Expansion at New York LGA

Sky Deck at LGA

The Sky Deck will be open year-round as they do have retractable glass ceilings that can be closed due to weather, and they have heaters on the roof.

The Verdict

Overall, I really liked the Sky Club expansion at LGA, which made one of my favorite lounges even better. When the weather is nice, it would be great to use the Sky Deck and do some plane watching.

Have you been to the Sky Club expansion in New York (LGA)? What are your thoughts? Share below!




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