Quantum of the Seas is making her way down the River Ems as I type. Quantum was built at the Meyer Werft shipyards in Papenburg, Germany. The yards are 32km (26 miles) from the sea, and the journey takes approximately 10 hours. This is a unique experience, and thousands of spectators turn out when Meyer Werft delivers a ship. She’ll be assisted down the river by two tugboats, and interestingly, make the journey in reverse. Apparently, it’s easier to maneuver the ship down the river that way.

“For hours we are actually taking the ship along this very, very tight channel where there is only about two to three feet of distance on each side between the ship and the river bank,” said Patrik Dahlgren, Vice President for Marine Operation at Royal Caribbean International. “We can’t set a firm date or time for the conveyance because it’s all timed with the tides and weather conditions to help balance the movements of the ship along the river.”


Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Once arriving in Eemshaven, The Netherlands, Quantum of the Seas will begin her sea trials, the last step before entering service on a trans-Atlantic cruise from Southampton to Bayonne, NJ where she’ll homeport for several months before sailing to China. The MJ on Travel team will be sailing on one of Quantum’s first cruises in December. Personally, I can’t wait to see the ship!

-MJ, September 22, 2014