I know I’m easily excited by cruise ships. Heck, I freely admit that I get just as excited about a weekend cruise aboard a 25 year old ship as I do about a 14-night Mediterranean voyage. That said, I think Quantum of the Seas may just be the most exciting development in cruise ships in a very long time. Today, Royal Caribbean revealed the latest details of the technological innovations soon to set sail on Quantum of the Seas. Royal Caribbean is calling Quantum of the Seas a SMART ship, and it’s easy to see why.

SMART Check-in – With the debut of Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean will push even more of the check-in formalities that accompany the typical cruise to the guests’ homes, to be accomplished in advance, including uploading a photo ID. You’ll receive digital boarding confirmation. Royal is promising “sidewalk to ship” in 10 minutes using its new processes. Further, luggage will be tagged with RFID technology curbside, and guests will be able to track the progress of their luggage until it arrives at their stateroom. They can track its progress off the ship on disembarkation day too.


SMART Concierge – Quantum of the Seas will feature RFID wristbands that will allow guests to make onboard purchases, double as a room key, and more. Royal Caribbean will roll out new apps for smartphones including Cruise Planner which allow guests to make dining reservations, book shore tours, and spa appointments too. Royal iQ (which will be available as a downloadable app as well as at stations around the ship) will allow guests to manage details of their cruise. No more fumbling around for your daily cruise newsletter!

SMART Connect – Real internet speeds will set sail with Quantum of the Seas. Royal Caribbean has partnered with O3b Networks for satellite based bandwidth that will allow for streaming video and more while at sea.

SMART Experiences – Bionic Bar may be the coolest feature aboard Quantum of the Seas. Place a drink order via tablet and watch a robot make your drink. Robotic technology will also drive much of the entertainment behind an interesting new venue, Two70, offering 270 degree ocean views and 270 degrees of entertainment powered by six Roboscreens.

SMART Service – Crew members onboard Quantum of the Seas will have access to custom apps to keep better track of guests’ preferences such as dining desires, show times, and more. In keeping with the idea that a happy crew equates to happy guests, Royal Caribbean will provide every crew member aboard Quantum of the Seas with a Microsoft Windows tablet that will offer services and apps just for them. As other ships are upgraded with similar technologies, the company plans to give every shipboard employee across the fleet their own tablet too.

SMART Sustainability – Quantum of the Seas was designed to be more environmentally friendly than other ships, and will have a special energy saving hull configuration and energy design. All lighting on board will be provided with low-energy LED or fluorescent lights. I can’t wait to set sail aboard this innovative new ship this December!!! Here’s a video highlighting some of the new technologies debuting aboard Quantum of the Seas.