It’s always a little bit exciting when trying a new airline product for the first time. Reading and watching reviews does whet ones appetite, especially when the forthcoming jaunt is on a Qatar Airways A380 in first class.

Before I am tagged as one of those trust fund baby bloggers, I cashed in a stack of frequent flyer points for the privilege. While I lament not having lots of Avios in my account, they’re there to be used and use them I did.

A First Class Jaunt

I have flown long-haul first class only a handful of times and each time has been using points. Us working class schlubs don’t have a spare twenty grand sitting around in the bank with nothing to do but throw at airline tickets. How I wish!

This means these two flights will be a little bit special. I’ve been checking the seat maps regularly to see how many people will be sitting around me. Four of the eight seats on the first flight are taken, but I’m still the only person on the return. Having the whole cabin to myself would be fun!

I’ve also been diligently watching a few threads on some frequent flyer forums, making some notes. When certain people point out that a particular wine is exceptional, I’ve noted it down so I can try it if it is on board. Ditto with the Champagne, of course!

While Qatar’s first class no longer has special amenity kits or first class pyjamas that are different from the business class ones, the seat still looks eye poppingly spacious and I’m sure to love it.

Overall Thoughts

There is no doubt that I’ll be reporting back on my little jaunt. That makes it sound like I am flying a short hop or something, when in actual fact I’m doing the 15 hours from Doha to Sydney… plenty of time to soak it all up!

Have a think, when was the last time you were really looking forward to a flight to try the new seat or new airline or whatever it was? I’d love to hear about it! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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