The very first business class lounge I ever entered was the Qantas International Business Class lounge in Sydney. That was all the way back in 2005 and I have used the facility many times over the years.

There have been some additions, such as the ice cream station and barista coffee, but overall it remains pretty familiar. How is it faring after so long in use?

Qantas International Business Class Lounge Decor

Access to the lounge level is via escalators or a lift from the main terminal floor. You pass by the salubrious International First Class lounge entrance and go along a mezzanine to the International Business Class lounge entrance. Once inside, it still manages to look slick enough in some parts.

A busy lounge, it is starting to show its age. The padding in many of the seats leaves a lot to be desired as many bums have sat on them over the years. Certain types of seating look old fashioned and the big area at the back left is devoid of any kind of pizzazz. It’s serviceable but it’s time for a refurbishment.

How About The Food On Offer?

I was there quite late for a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, so there was no ice cream service. The large water jug filled with ice and lemons was empty, though I managed to patiently squeeze out one glass. There are two menus showing the food, one listing the hot options, the other the salads and desserts.

I’m not entirely sure why there were two menus, but whatever. Food is laid out in all in a row, with the hot options comprising of a cream of mushroom soup, braised chicken, rice and roasted zucchini.

Unfortunately, the cutlery is all together like being in some kind of school canteen. Detracting from any semblance of a premium feel was the fact the yellow warning signs are also stored there. A bit of a fail, if you ask me!

I tried the mushroom soup and it was very delicious, so I was happy with that. Otherwise I had some water, as I was saving myself for my upcoming flight.

Cheese, Dessert and Drinks

Being late, there was no barista coffee service on offer, however the ubiquitous coffee machine was present. Dessert comprised of a selection between chocolate cake and lemon tart. As a big fan of lemon anything, I did have a piece of the tart and it was very good!

Naturally there was plenty of wine on offer, as well as beer and spirits, which is all self-service. People were not shy about getting whatever they needed and the food and drink areas were quite busy.

The Men’s Toilets

One thing I have always liked is the basin setup in the men’s toilets. They are all individual and arranged sort of in an island fashion, so people can use either side without being right up against someone. There’s space to brush teeth or do whatever else to primp before flight.

Everything else in there was fine, though the age of the Qantas International Business Class lounge is easier to see in here. Some of the tiles are stained from water leaks and there were other issues, with some panels in the roof open and what not. It is what it is!

Overall Thoughts

The Qantas International Business Class lounge in Sydney is fine. Many airlines use the space, and whenever I am there it is usually very busy, but I have always managed to get a seat on my own, which is quite important. Service is provided by staff from Sofitel, but on this occasion at least one guy seemed to hate his job clearing tables, as my “Thank you!” was met with barely a grunt.

Food quality is very good, Wi-Fi is quite fast, and it features views over the airport towards the city. That being said, the entrance area where they check your ticket is the nicest part of the lounge. The rest is screaming for a refresh, but despite the age of the place, it is still better than a lot of other lounges I’ve been to.

Have you been to the Qantas International Business Class lounge in Sydney? What did you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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