Cairns in northern Queensland is one of the more remote ports in the Qantas network. The city is one of the gateways to The Great Barrier Reef so it is very popular with tourists. I had the naïve notion that the Qantas Club would be one of the less busy ones however I neglected to take into account the amount of Australian passengers with status.

When entering the Qantas Club you’re presented with a spacious open room with large windows overlooking the apron. I immediately went for some scones.

The furniture in Cairns is a very clean white with red and black seating to provide some colour.

The lounge features a range of juices and hot dishes such as pasta bake. I visited around lunch time and the food options appeared to be relatively healthy.

Dining includes a wide variety of salad options to accompany your meal.

The view outside features a large hill covered in tropical rainforest which is typical of the area. It overlooks the apron and aircraft taxi right by providing something to look at if you’re inclined towards aviation.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the Cairns Qantas Club and it is a decent enough speed for light use such as web browsing, Facebook, Twitter and other social media but it is not robust enough to handle streaming video for any amount of time. The lounge was very busy when I visited which may have contributed to this.

Overall Thoughts

Regional lounges in Australia are outfitted with similar styling cues as found in the capital cities. They have a regional design twist for differentiation but many of the basics are the same. Free Wi-Fi, a decent food and drinks selection, proper coffee and a relaxing atmosphere are all hall marks of these lounges. I found no fault apart from the fact it was so busy I couldn’t get decent pictures! Thanks for reading and if you have any comments please leave them below.

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