Poached eggs are the eggs of champions when it comes to airline food. They re-heat really well and are far better than any scrambled egg (aka egg slop) that is generally served.

In fact, two of my top five airline breakfast meals feature these bad boys. Anyway, I was in London heading back to Dublin and after spending some time in the Galleries First Lounge, I headed to the gate and boarded my morning flight home.

BA832 – London Heathrow to Dublin (LHR-DUB)
14 May 2022
Airbus A320neo – G-TTNE
Seat: Club Europe 1F
Departure: 07:10 Arrival: 08:40

Business class on the Airbus A320neo at British Airways does not feature the centre tray. You do miss the extra space for things and of course the overall look is a bit less special, but it is what it is.

Wear And Tear

Surveying my surroundings in the front row brought up a number of things, my favourite being a random brown smear near the window. I’m saying it’s coffee, because anything else doesn’t bear thinking about.

It looked like my seat had been in a fight with a passenger at some stage, what with all the chipped paint. First time I’ve ever come across a British Airways seat looking so poor.

Poached Eggs O’Clock!

Once boarded, we had the safety demonstration and headed into the air. As Dublin is a short flight, the crews get moving pretty quickly, I’ve found. Well, the good crews anyway (which, to be fair, is most of them!)

I was fourth to be served and single one of us took the poached egg option over the full English. That was also because the crew member did the spiel they’re taught to get rid of certain dishes – “a wonderful dish of lightly poached eggs with Spinach on ratatouille or a full English”.

Overall Thoughts

How was the meal? The poached eggs were delicious, the croissant flaky and delicate (and with jam very moreish!), dessert was grand and all in all I was very happy with it. Judging by the clean plates within my eyesight, it looked like it went down well.

More airlines should do poached eggs on flights as they just work well. I’ll do anything to avoid scrambled eggs or god forbid, a filthy frittata (the other hideously boring airline go to for egg based breakfast dishes). Alternatively, airlines could follow Aer Lingus, who have eschewed eggs altogether in their breakfast – I love it!

What are your feelings around eggs on flights? Any preference? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by John Taggart via Wikimedia Commons.