It’s been a long time since I’ve been the first one to arrive in the British Airways Galleries First lounge. On my last trip through London Heathrow, I entered when the facility opened at 5am which meant I could take 42 new pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Usually the lounge is very busy and filled with people, so most of the time it’s not possible to do a picture tour. Anyway, let’s get on with it, here’s a look inside.

42 New Pictures – Go!

When you arrive at Heathrow, you can use the First Wing to do check-in and security. That leads you straight into the lounge, bypassing all the usual shops and chaos of the airport. It’s rather handy!

Looking at the pictures, it looks like the carpet do with a good replacement. The entire lounge has been largely unchanged apart from the odd furniture refresh for quite some time now.


During the pandemic, all food was brought to you by servers, ordered via the QR codes on the tables. You can still do this, as well as become one of the pigs at the trough with the self-service.

I have probably never seen the food looking so pristine before as it had just been put out. Of course, that didn’t last long! I sampled all of the hot food and it was fine.

Off To The Terrace!

I couldn’t share 42 new images without heading off to the Terrace. This is at one end of the lounge and I find it the quietest part and the easiest to find a seat. There’s also seats actually look out over the airport as opposed to the inward facing ones everywhere else.

The only downside is the terrace is not really setup for easy device charging, but you’ll find that issue all over this lounge. You can find powerpoints under the self-service bar on the terrace which I used on this trip to charge my AirPods.

How About A Shower?

To book a shower, you scan the QR code on your table and then reserve it. After that, it’s off to the shower area which is actually outside the lounge on the mezzanine between the entry of the First Class lounge and Concorde Room.

Happily the showers are clean and I’ve never had an issue getting one when I’ve wanted one. Well, that’s been a grand total of twice, I think, but they do come in handy when needed!

Overall Thoughts

What did you think of the 42 new pictures of the British Airways Galleries First lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5? Is the oneworld alliance airline keeping up with the other carriers or falling behind?

Either way, I find it to be a fine enough place to wile away some time before a flight. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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