One of the British Airways Concorde fleet lives at London Heathrow airport. Passengers flying in and out of LHR may have seen it during their taxi to the runway. You can now own a piece of this aircraft.

Luxury British watch makers Bremont have teamed up with the oneworld alliance carrier to create a limited edition timepiece. It will feature aluminium taken from the aircraft.

A Piece Of Concorde

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved wearing a watch. My limited budget means that spending up big on something amazing is still on the list of things to do in the future.

This new Bremont watch is absolutely gorgeous! It’s called “The Supersonic” and is limited to 300 pieces in stainless steel, 100 in rose gold and 100 in white gold.

You may wonder what such a fabulous looking piece will set you back. According to the British Airways Press Release, the stainless steel version will be £9,495, or US$12,150 or €10,700.

That is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the other versions. Rose gold comes in at £16,995 and the white gold at £17,995 – so the watch is really aimed at the never have to work again, rolling in it type rich people.

Pleasingly, part of the money you pay will be donated to the Air League Trust. This organisation works to teach underprivileged children how to fly, which is great.

Clearly if I had the money, I’d be all over this watch. It looks really nice, plus of course it has a piece of Concorde in it, which is an added bonus. Perhaps one day in about 30 years time I’ll be able to buy one second hand!

Overall Thoughts

Concorde continues to inspire, long after the aircraft went out of service in 2003. The new watch containing a piece of the aircraft is a fitting tribute to its design and history.

The Bremont watch would make a perfect gift to someone who used to fly on board Concorde regularly, I expect. What do you think of this watch? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images via British Airways.