You may remember the video reposted below from 2014 of “In Soviet Russia, airplane takes off YOU!” (apologies to Yakov Smirnoff) that went viral.

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Last November, passengers were preparing for takeoff from Igarka Airport (IAA) to Krasnodar International Airport (aka Pashkovsky Airport; KRR) in Russia when they lent a hand, responding to the request, “Do you mind giving us a push?!”

They got out and pushed the old UTair Tupolev Tu-134 airplane (30+ tons!). And in -52° C / -62° F temperatures nonetheless!!

The plane did eventually take off and landed in Krasnodar with a minor delay. It hopefully underwent a safety inspection thereafter.

Now, Russian media reports that the incident has led to three airport employees losing their jobs and the airport itself facing “disciplinary action” and fines as Russian airlines’ safety was called into question.

60+ people pushing on a jet’s wings?
Not smart people.
Not smart, people. 



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