Today, I visited the home office for a few minutes. It’s no secret to anyone I work with that I like to cruise. Frankly, I’ve been referred to as my office’s private travel agent on more than one occasion, and that’s not far off. As I was walking between offices today, I was stopped by no less than 4 people to discuss the situation surrounding Carnival Triumph and my thoughts on it. One or two people seemed perplexed that I tacitly waived off the situation and stated that I had 4 cruises booked through early 2014 right now, and really thought the whole thing was a bit of hyped up drama.

Let’s face it. I wasn’t there, but neither were any reporters. Here’s what I expect happened. The higher up your cabin was, the better your experience was. I don’t doubt that some toilets overflowed, or that the experience itself was less than ideal. I expect food was rationed because people being people, some began to hoard what was available. Booze was rationed because people that drink too much on disabled cruise ships act much like what they do at your average frat party….and who needs that when you’re on a disabled cruise ship? No one wanted it to happen, and no one wanted to be there once it did.

In my 30 cruises, a number which is small compared to many cruisers, but I expect a number that seems big to many that read this blog, I have never experienced adversity on a level that rivals that of those on Carnival Triumph. What I have experienced is comfortable vacations with an opportunity to really get away that just doesn’t exist on land. Service that exceeds my expectations. And experiences that I enjoy. Cruising is all about the freedom to choose. I hate to be corny, but Royal Caribbean used to have a marketing phrase, “Like No Vacation on Earth.” That pretty much sums it up. I choose to cruise, and Carnival Triumph hasn’t changed my mind. Cruising for me is “vacation” not travel, though it certainly can be both. Sometimes you need a vacation, and I’ll continue vacationing on cruise ships, thank you very much.