Well, here we are again. Another holiday. This one is unique in that MrsMJ and I were driven one way by her parents…to my Mother’s house, where our whole little family unit will spend Christmas together. Then we fly back to Atlanta very early the morning after Christmas and head right back to work. That’s the downside of taking a 14-night cruise in November….you get to work during the week between Christmas and New Year’s! 🙂 Oh well, life goes on. Then we turn right around on Friday and fly to Dayton for another family celebration….and that, I think, will conclude my flying for 2012.

Then, there is 2013. I already have three trips booked in January. The one I am most excited about is Las Vegas. No, not just because it’s Vegas Baby! I will be attending New Media Expo along with a handful of other Boardingarea bloggers. Finally, my calendar, the Mayan calendar, and my day job needs lined up to allow me to attend NMX, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Slowly, and I’m sure not noticeably enough, I have been doing some things behind the scenes to treat MJ on Travel like a business. You can’t be a business unless you are providing a service people need and want. I am not quite there yet, but the foundation is there, and I expect some of the tools I pick up at NMX will go a long way in helping me build a better blog for you.

So, from the part of eastern North Carolina where the only tall building I see is a silo, I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, happy whatever you choose to celebrate. I will be back online on Wednesday, and before if anything truly unique warrants a word or two.

Thanks for reading MJ on Travel. Words just don’t describe how much I appreciate you!