I don’t usually order food online.  With the recent stay-at-home advisory and Amex sync offers, I decided to try out two online steak retailers for the first time.

Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steaks?

I didn’t order in a way where I could compare apples with apples, but it was still enough to make up my mind in terms of which ones I like better.

For Omaha Steaks: I ordered the Omaha Steaks Burgers and the Top Sirloins.

For Kansas City Steaks: I decided to try out the gift pack of Filet Mignon and Kansas City Strip Steaks.

From a price point perspective, Kansas City Steaks offerings are slightly more expensive.

Cooler Packaging

The packaging is standard for both.  Both came in a cooler packaging with a bag of dry ice in it.

When Omaha shipped out the item, I received the package in the next business day.  The shipping time for Kansas City Steaks was longer.  They shipped it on a Monday afternoon.  It was delivered on a Thursday afternoon.  3 business days.

Unlike Omaha Steaks, the longer transit delivery for Kansas City steaks was a point of concern.  I understand that dry ice can last for about 18-24 hours in a cooler, so I was concerned whether the dry ice would have melted by then.  “Cool to the touch” is what is in the company’s FAQ, but I wasn’t how the steaks would fare.  Fortunately, the dry ice had not completely melted by the time I took delivery.

a box of steaks in a styrofoam container

Omaha Steaks cooler packaging.

a white styrofoam container with red text inside

Plenty of dry ice.

a white foam box with plastic wrap inside

Kansas City Steaks cooler packaging.






The Steaks

a box of steaks in plastic wrap

6 oz KC Filet Mignon

a steak in a box

10 oz KC strip steaks

a package of raw meat

6 oz top sirloins








A note about Omaha Steak “burgers”:

I also ordered the omaha steak burgers.  For the record, it’s just the patties.  I think Omaha Steaks should call them steak patties instead of “burgers”, since …the buns are not included.

a group of burger patties in plastic bags

Omaha steak burgers


Which is better?

I was concerned about Kansas City’s longer delivery time, but it ended up being OK.   If I have to choose between the two in terms of value and quality, I would go with Kansas City Steaks. The Kansas City Strips wins.

This was something I thought I would try out, given the Amex sync offers (available for some through late June).  At the end of the day, the best value is still the local supermarkets.  While dine-in is not yet open at many places, ordering take-out at local restaurants is also a convenient option these days.


Have you order from either Omaha steaks or Kansas City Steaks?   What have been your experiences?