At the moment there are some very competitively priced business class tickets available on British Airways for travel in 2021. These originate in Luxembourg and Brussels and fly via London Heathrow to cities in the USA. I’m not buying them, though I am sorely tempted.

You can get to Boston for £795, Miami for £820, San Jose, San Francisco and New York for £920, Montreal for £995, Dallas and Toronto for £999 and Chicago and Seattle for £1,030 and £1,065. For Club World, these prices are as cheap as it gets.

Reasons To Buy

The main reason to buy these is that they are cheap, cheap, cheap. The fares don’t get any cheaper than this, so usually I would be all over one of these in a second flat.

As they’re in business class, Executive Club members can upgrade to first class using their Avios points. Club World to First transatlantic is a very good use of the miles you have earned. In fact, this is exactly how I flew first class a few years ago, buying a cheap fare from a European city and upgrading.

Why I Am Not Buying

First and foremost is the possibility that the United States will not be open. With the pandemic, European citizens are on the list of those who may not travel to the USA right now. Will we be able to travel there in 2021? Who knows. The uncertainty is why I am not buying, even if you can swap for a voucher if you don’t want to travel (providing you book before 30 September 2020).

The other reason is the on board service. British Airways currently have an extremely abbreviated service on flights. Club World has no hot food for one, and even though first class does, it is nothing compared to how it was in the past. It is pointless to waste money or points when you might not getting the full experience. As BA have given no visibility about when this might change, I can’t plan ahead with any certainty here.

Overall Thoughts

I am usually quite fine to purchase airline tickets. I’m even planning to go to the USA next year, and I booked a ticket with British Airways. My speculative booking to Denver cost me the princely sum of €288 return. Yes, in World Traveller aka economy class.

At that price point, I am happy being thrown a bag of crap to eat, which is essentially what the on board service has been reduced to. I will feel less aggrieved with a bare bones onboard meal as I’m paying virtually nothing for it, so I might as well keep myself happy while on my flight.

What say you? Are you also not buying these flights or are you more optimistic than me – a dyed in the wool optimist by the way – in this situation? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Daniel Lintott via Wikimedia Commons.
Club Suite via British Airways.
With thanks to God Save The Points.