Virgin Atlantic is known as one of the more fun carriers in Europe. They offer one of the best business class options to cross the Atlantic. They also offer a good quality premium economy and economy service.

Well, it Virgin Atlantic has just released a new promotional video. It shows kids acting as flight attendants doing a safety briefing. They are mentioning all the pluses that the airline offers to children. I found it wonderful that it shows a couple of same sex parents on the flight. Its good step to promote equality.

Here is the video


If you can’t see it, here is a link to it.


I am a big fan of Virgin Atlantic. They offer solid onboard products, but that’s not all. They make flying fun, they embody the Virgin brand’s pep and happy-go-lucky attitude. With the new pact with Delta, Air France and KLM, we may see changes in the attitude of the company. Virgin Group is no longer the largest stakeholder in the airline.


Landing Thoughts:


I love this video. It made me laugh and made my morning so much better. I hope to see Virgin Atlantic continue to leave their creative mark in the airline world. Only time will tell how much they will change because of the partnership. If you ever have a chance to travel across the Atlantic on Virgin Atlantic, give them a try. I flew them once two years ago, and have been itching to give them whirl very soon.

Virgin 787

Virgin Atlantic 787

What do you think? Have you flown Virgin Atlantic? What do you think of the new promotional video? Let us know!

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