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During this Covid-19 crisis, multiple agencies are revising guidelines. As the situation remains fluid, agencies need to be nimble on their feet and update guidelines and procedures as local, state and federal governments issue notifications and updates. Similarly, the TSA just released updated guidelines for summer travel.

TSA Guidelines

The new guidelines address 5 key components. You can read the full TSA press release here.

1. Boarding Passes

Instead of giving the boarding pass to the TSA offer, travelers must place the pass on the scanner themselves. After scanning the pass, hold the pass in front of the officer so that the officer can inspect it visually.

2. Separate Food for X-Ray Screening

If you have carry-on food items, passengers should place the items in a clear plastic bag and place that bag in a bin during screening.

3. Smart Packing

Passengers should make sure that they’re not carrying any prohibited items. As per TSA guidelines, you can still carry one liquid hand sanitizer (up to 12 oz) in your carry on bag.

4. Social Distancing

If possible, passengers should avoid direct contact with TSA personnel or other passengers as much as possible. The TSA plans to implement specific spacing guidelines and visual reminders when passengers queue up at security checkpoints.

5. Facial Protection

The TSA advises people to wear facial protection at TSA security checkpoints as well. Obviously, you’ll have to adjust your facial covering during the screening process. 🙂

The Pundit’s Mantra

One really feels for TSA workers during these times. They’re tasked with the safety and security of passengers during a global pandemic. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen over 500 TSA workers test positive for Covid-19 while on the job.

These updated guidelines lay down the marker for the short term future of what airports could look like. Please note that these are additional guidelines and do not replace any standard protocols or safety procedures that the TSA advised passengers to follow before Covid-19.

Would these updated guidelines dissuade you from traveling any time soon? Let us know in the comments section.


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