Exclusive first pictures! British Airways have introduced new catering in Club Europe and today is launch day. As luck would have it, I am flying today which means I get to share the experience with you.

The pictures here are the two meals offered on a short flight for brunch. The offering changes depending on flight length but I understand flights classed as short and medium receive the same food.

Brunch Hot Offering

Previously there was no hot offering on short and medium flights, so this is a change. The hot sandwich offering is pictured here. It is very filling indeed!

Regular readers will remember I was begging for a bread plate at one time. Happily British Airways have come to the party and introduced one. Of course, you are not offered bread when you order the sandwich.

Brunch Cold Offering

The cold offering at brunch is pictured at the top of this post. Yes, I did ask for both meals today on my flight as I knew people would want to know what is now offered on board.

You receive a mug when you ask for tea whereas previously the mug came with the tray whether you wanted tea or not. Speaking of the new crockery, this is now similar to the new crockery in Club World. This means the product is now more aligned on both long haul and short haul.

Overall Thoughts

The meal offering for brunch is quite good and it is nice to have a choice. The sandwich wasn’t particularly peppy taste wise – I found it to be somewhat bland. That is probably because it’s such an inoffensive choice of filling to appeal to a wide range of people. The cold option is quite tasty!

I am flying again later today and this time at lunch time, so keep an eye out for the lunch offering. I really hope it is not similar to brunch! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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