Wow, the weekend is already done.  I hardly even noticed it was here.  Spent most of Saturday at the airport (by choice), and today at the office working on a particularly important project.  This week, I hope to be successful in planting the seeds for a project that I will soon start, and like all of them…require travel.

This week, I intend to post a review of my recent stay at the Conrad Miami, and of course, I’ll post on anything else of interest that comes up.

Random Musings

  • We experienced a tragic accident that is raising more questions than answers.  Time will tell what the cause was.  But like all of them, it’s hardly ever just one thing.  I wrote earlier about why I don’t comment on aviation accidents.
  • Several airlines announced their May traffic numbers this past week, and the results were all pretty similar.  They sucked.  H1N1 flu probably had a negative impact.
  • Shockingly, United Airlines management reached the conclusion this week that they may need to order an airplane sometime this century if they intend to remain in business.  United has requested proposals from both Airbus and Boeing in anticipation of ordering new aircraft.
  • Southwest Airlines will need to head back to the bargaining table with its pilots.  I offered some opinions on why this happened a few days ago.