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In case you missed it, here’s a monthly roundup of the top travel news and deals that we covered on The Points Pundit in the month of March.

What we covered

Are loyalty programs being disloyal to you?

We examine whether loyalty programs in the travel industry are living up to their promise consumers.

Trip Advisor caught again covering about up reviews by sexual assault victims

TripAdvisor was in the midst of another scandal as it was repeatedly caught covering up negative reviews by sexual assault victims about hotel properties. TripAdvisor chose to stay mum instead of taking action against the hotels listed on its platform.

How a single hotel credit card bonus can cover your entire hotel stay on a 2 week long India trip!

We write in detail about the sweet spots that you can use to almost entirely cover hotel nights for a 2 week trip to India!

How my Amex Card save me $618 and potentially a lot more!

Things can always go wrong while you travel. I was lucky that Amex had me covered with its fantastic set of benefits!

How you can earn thousands of miles without even leaving your home

We discuss in detail how you can earn upwards of 20,000 miles/points by just shopping online every year. It doesn’t require a lot of effort and pretty easy to do in my opinion!

Will these new hotel benefits drive your loyalty?

Find out how hotels are targeting millennials by helping them make ‘Green choices’ and whether it’s all hype and not a major driver of loyalty.

Introducing, the Counterpoint!


The travel blogosphere is filled with a multitude of opinions. Most bloggers spend a lot of time sifting through details and looking for the best deals as it relates to miles and points. However, there isn’t always consensus all the way. I strongly feel that diversity of opinion is a good thing and should be welcomed.

As a result, I’ll be launching a monthly post titled Counterpoint (pun intended), where we analyze and try to delve deeper into commonly held beliefs and strategies in the world of miles and points. The core idea here is to look at commonly held wisdom differently and start a dialog. I look forward to questioning and critiquing some of the commonly held beliefs in the world of miles and points!

Watch out for our first post in April to see which commonly held belief we’re going to talk about!

Reader Questions


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Also, we’re taking reader questions through our Facebook page. It’s simple, simply like our Facebook page and drop us a note with your question. We’ll pick the best question each month and provide an analysis/answer to the same.