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A lot of people aren’t aware about the additional benefits that their credit cards may already be offering. I’m writing about a recent experience that I had while using the Extended Warranty benefit from American Express. This benefit saved me at least $618 and potentially even more in terms of work hours lost and the headache of not having a functioning laptop while traveling internationally.

What Happened

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Laptop dead! (Image Credit: Unsplash)

I was recently on a business/leisure trip to India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. While I was in India, I woke up, had my customary cup of tea in the morning and started my laptop to catch up on things. The only problem was that the laptop wouldn’t start! I tried multiple tricks and hacks, but to no avail. I was stuck with a dead laptop while on the road.

Next Steps

After overcoming the sudden initial melancholy of a dead laptop, I quickly realized that my credit card may cover any cost of repair. I had purchased the laptop using my Amex Gold Card. I checked the purchase date in order to verify whether I was eligible for the benefit. I was pleased to know that my purchase qualified.

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Make sure you save your receipt


Extended Warranty by American Express

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The Extended Warranty benefit by American Express extends the existing warranty of your purchase by up to 2 more years in addition to the original manufacturer’s warranty. In order to use this benefit, all you need to do is just purchase the item by using your eligible American Express card. This benefit applies to warranties that are of a period of 5 years or less. Primary cardholders as well as authorized users are eligible for this benefit.

Eligible Purchases

Extended Warranty kicks in once the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. As per the FAQ on Amex’s website, the following items are not eligible for coverage: “items with physical damage, damage as a result of natural disaster, software, motorized devices and vehicles and their parts.

Filing a Claim

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Filing a claim is quick and easy

I filed a claim on the Amex website and completed all the relevant details. You can track the status of your claim online.


Claim Assessment

After filing the claim online, Amex asked me to complete and send a repair estimate form. I headed over to the nearest authorized Apple retailer in Mumbai, India and got the details updated. After assessing the issue with the laptop, the Apple affiliate determined that it would cost me $618 to repair the laptop. I faxed the completed form back to American Express immediately.


Claim Outcome


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Claim settled in just 2 days!

To my surprise, my claim was approved in just two business days! A refund to the tune of $618 was immediately issued to my credit card in the form of a statement credit.


The Pundit’s Mantra

If you’re not making purchases with the right credit card, you may be leaving money on the table! Things can always go wrong given the number of electronic devices we use or carry on a daily basis. I’ve used the extended warranty and purchase protection benefits a few times. I’ve been impressed with the speed and the manner in which Amex handles these insurance claims.

The best part about this claim was the fact that it worked globally. I’d purchased the laptop using my American Express Gold Card in the US. My laptop stopped working while was traveling and while I was outside the US. I was impressed by how quickly Amex processed the claim and worked with the Apple affiliate in India to get the repair estimate verified.

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