I posted last week that I had written Delta about being shorted on MQDs for one of my roundtrip flights. The issue was fixed the same evening that I sent the email, but speculated that perhaps it was my email that drove the fix in my situation or it could have resolved itself on its own. This morning, I found the answer in an email from Delta.

“Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thank you for contacting us through delta.com. We are sorry for the
delay in responding to your message.

Due to a recent systems update, some of our tickets have had incorrect
MQDs posting. A fix was implemented a few days ago that has corrected
most of these issues. I now show that your flight has posted a total of
307 MQDs, which matches the base fare on your ticket. We apologize for
the issue and appreciate you bringing it to our attention in the event
it had not yet been fixed.

Thank you for your support as a Platinum Medallion member and for
trusting your business to us. Be assured, we will make every attempt to
serve you well; we are focused on the future and look forward to our
continued business relationship.

Medallion Desk”

So there was some sort of computer issue affecting some tickets, one of which was mine. I’m in the middle of a trip right now, and the first leg posted correctly. Hopefully, that will continue. No matter what, I think it’s still important to pay attention to your MQDs and make sure they post correctly.

-MJ, January 23, 2014