The first Mimosa I remember was in first class on an early morning American Airlines flight between Los Angeles and Miami. The flight attendant proactively offered it to me and I found it quite delicious. Since then, I’ve found I’m quite partial to one.

One of the good things about purchasing a British Airways business class ticket is that there is always a full service on board. That means lovely bubbly drinks. On this trip, I flew into London City Airport, which is far more convenient to certain areas of London. It’s a simple airport to get through and you’re on your way fast.

The Dublin Airport Lounge

I have often slated the Dublin Airport DAA lounge in the past, perhaps a little unfairly. This time around I expected nothing and was fine with what was on offer.

This time I went to the bar and procured two glasses of Prosecco and a bowl of steaming porridge which I drenched in honey. From the other options, I grabbed olives, yoghurt and a carrot cake. The winner was easily the porridge, while the rest was fine.

BA4465 – Dublin to London City (DUB-LCY)
12 November 2021
Embraer 190 – G-LCAB
Seat: Club Europe 2C
Departure: 11:00 Arrival: 12:35

Eventually it was time to board and we walked over to our Embraer 190 from the 200 gates. Up the stairs and into the plane, welcomed on board by a friendly crew member.

All The Leg Room

Experienced frequent flyers know to select 2C and 2D as there is about two metres of leg room. I’m not exaggerating either, you would need to be 12 feet tall to hit the bulkhead.

In short order everyone was on board and we had the safety demonstration. From there it was over to the runway for a westerly take-off, before doing a u-ie and heading for England.

That’s Right! Mimosa Time.

Service began and there was a meat and a vegetarian option for brunch on this flight. As usual, I ordered Champagne. My travelling companion ordered an orange juice as well and from the depths of my ancient brain came a memory. Mimosa… mimosa! I also asked for a juice.

Happily the croissant was really nice, as was the dessert. After a mimosa or two, I had another Champagne and by then we were descending into London City. We landed, parked and had our bags off the belt shortly after. London City Airport is nothing if not efficient.

Overall Thoughts

I hear people say all the time, “Why pay for business class on such a short flight?” – well, there are two reasons. First, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to experience flying up front when compared to long-haul flights. Secondly, it’s just fun to be served nice food and have any drinks you want from an attentive crew.

British Airways Club Europe continues to be a good product within Europe and I keep paying for it. In this instance, it was about €100 more return than economy, and for €50 per flight, why not treat yourself?

Do you like to make a Mimosa when flying or do you have another concoction you prefer? What do you think of the BA European business class service? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Alf van Beem via Wikimedia Commons.