One of the highlights of flying out of Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the Menzies Aurora lounge in Terminal 2. I am not a big fan of third party lounges in general, as I find the airline branded lounges tend to be better in most ways.

However, when it comes to this particular lounge, I always look forward to hanging out there. There are a couple of reasons why, so read on to find out.

Menzies Aurora Lounge Food

Sweden does food pretty well, and the Menzies Aurora lounge does it very well indeed. There is always a decent selection of hot and cold food, with Swedish meatballs on offer during the day. At breakfast, the hot option is gorgeous pancakes.

Cold options are very continental, comprising of meats, cheeses, eggs and a bunch of salad items. It’s fun to watch the Swedish people put these together, as the combinations are not what I’m used to. I’m a throw it all on the plate and eat it type, while they make open sandwich type things.

Of course, there are other items such as crisps and what not to nibble on, but all in all I enjoy the spread. Hey, I like my food and the selection here really appeals to me. Fresh and tasty and I love it!

What About The Rest?

My other go to is the Lingonberry drink that is dispensed on tap. It’s a soft drink and it’s lovely, so I always have a couple of those. They also have other soft drinks, wine on tap and beer as well.

The lounge is inside the terminal and large windows either side show terminal views. While that doesn’t sound too exciting, it does make the space feel very open. There are cosy nooks to relax, work desks which are always popular and fast Wi-Fi.

Overall Thoughts

The Menzies Aurora Lounge in Terminal 2 at Arlanda is well worth a visit. You can either pay in, or it will be your facility if you fly business class on airlines such as British Airways.

Quite frankly it’s one of the nicer third party operated lounges I’ve been in. Perhaps it’s the living wall, perhaps it’s the food, but either way something about it is right up my street and no visit to Stockholm is complete without going here.

Have you been to this lounge before? What did you think? Have you been in a better third party lounge and which was it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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