At Stockholm Arlanda Airport, British Airways use the Aurora Lounge which is operated by Menzies. You can also access this lounge if you have Priority Pass.

The lounge features ample outlets for device charging, fast and free wireless Internet and a variety of food. It really has everything that a lounge should have and several airlines use this lounge in Stockholm.

Aurora Lounge Decor

Space is divided up very well to provide many different areas for sitting, relaxing or working. This also means it is easy to find a quiet spot in the lounge away from people.

Located above the main concourse, the lounge features glass windows overlooking the terminal below. It provides a sense of space and light which is quite good.

There is a large area where food is presented in a buffet style. Beside this are high seats to sit and work with device charging points, along with more traditional dining room type seating.

A living wall is a feature of the lounge and provides a great splash of green that also helps divide the space. It is really very effective.

There is an area with a television and some magazines and such are also available. The really good thing about this lounge is the food options.

Breakfast and Drinks in the Aurora Lounge

Breakfast is a continental affair in the Aurora lounge. Hot options consist of light pancakes or crepes while salads, meats and cheese are available as well.

Drinks are on tap and I quite like that there is a slant towards Swedish drinks such as Lingonberry juice. That and the apple juice are very nice and standard soft drinks are also available.

Wine is on tap and several people were happily drinking it when I visited. I did not notice any other alcoholic drinks really but that is because I was not interested in having anything.

Lunch Spread

Around 11am the food changes from breakfast to lunch. This is a comprehensive selection of hot and cold food which sets the Aurora lounge apart from some other lounges I have visited.

There are two types of herring, Swedish meatballs, salmon, eggs and various salads. Many people were making their own sandwiches from the elements on offer. I chose a bit of everything and it’s all fresh, tasty and very good.

Overall Thoughts

The Aurora lounge at Stockholm Arlanda Airport is a very good lounge with all the things a lounge should have. Standards like free Wi-Fi and many places to charge devices are normal for decent lounges.

Setting itself apart is the design. I really like the way the space is separated to create intimate areas for passengers to relax and work. Dining is very much a reflection of Sweden and food quality cannot be faulted. All in all, a nice place to spend some time.

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