I have to be honest with you – I’ve been major league jealous of some of my friends who have gotten big time points offers from American Express for personal and business cards. For the handful of years I have been tacitly dabbling in this space, the biggest offer I have personally received from American Express has been for 75,000 points for the Premier Rewards Gold card a while ago.

Granted, the dearth of points deals from Amex is my fault. My Amex Platinum card is the one card I’ve never churned even though I rarely use it. Of course, I keep it for the benefits, not points earning. It also happens to be my card with the lengthiest credit history. I’ve been an Amex customer in one way or another since 1989, and the venerable “green card” was my first charge card way back when. I’m fine with what I’ve done and I’ve never been a big Membership Rewards player anyway. All that said, something has changed.

Several months ago I formed an LLC to support my burgeoning travel consulting and media empire. (I’m kidding about the burgeoning empire part.) In any event, American Express has suddenly remembered who I am.

membership rewards credit card offers

Yes, that’s a 150,000 point offer for the Amex Business Platinum Card. You get 100,000 points for spending $10,000 in the first 3 months, and if you spend another $10,000 in the same time period, you’ll get 50,000 more points. In the last few weeks I have received separate offers for 100,000 points for the Amex Business Platinum Card, and 75,000 points for the Amex Business Gold Card.

Honestly, I’m out of the credit card game at the moment, but pretty hot offers like these taunt me. I have a big trip coming up this fall with air and hotel paid for exclusively with points. 100,000 MR points would help replenish my point supply. Having a small business has been a key driver of exciting bonus offers for me. There are other big points deals out there for personal cards too. Have you received one?

HT’s to Travel Codex and to TBB for pointing me there.