In Melbourne, no-one can hear you scream. Actually, everyone would hear you scream because the Qantas Domestic Business Lounge is completely rammed full of passengers meaning you can barely move.

Compared to the business like Sydney lounge, the Melbourne lounge featured fashionistas with angle cut white dyed hair, people in leopard print, hipsters to the gills and a smattering of weary business people.

Let’s Have A Look Inside

The All Day Dining Menu is superior to that in Sydney, featuring a Thai Green Chicken Curry and a Chorizo Dog. No surprises what I went for – and no, it’s not both!

A softer bun would have been more pleasant to eat but I still managed to happily devour two of these during my few hours in the lounge. Never fear, I also got pictures of other options.

Catching my eye also is the lovely looking quinoa and baby spinach salad with roasted sweet potato, capsicum, feta and red wine vinaigrette. I regretted not giving both dishes a try and they look great.

How About Some Champagne?

Self-service drinks are available and as usual I tried some Champagne. This is Seppelt The Drives, a Chardonnay Pinot Noir that I had never encountered previously. Quite a nice drop!

There is also cake and much more food. Of course, feeling like I was in a beehive due to people all over the place I didn’t take any pictures of anything else.

It Rains In Melbourne and a Delivery

As a proud Sydneysider, the running joke is that it always rains in Melbourne. Today was no exception which was fine with me as I was inside. The Melbourne lounge has quite a nice view over the apron.

Not too long before I left, a lady came around handing people pre-made drinks. She told me what it was but I didn’t catch it but it was quite nice. It looked good too, which is why it’s the featured image in this post.

Overall Thoughts

Unfortunately the Qantas Business Lounge in Melbourne is just as busy as its Sydney counterpart. I am not sure how much scope there is for expansion but they really should look at creating more space. It features free Wireless Internet, charging ports by the windows, loads of food and drink and and other pieces too.

I am happy I got a window seat so I didn’t have to look at the seething mass of humanity the whole time I was there! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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