Surely, this would have been a good candidate for one of former BA blogger and hotel expert Barb Delollis’ “Worst View Ever” posts.


I could not help but tweet that. To their credit, Marriott reached out, and I thanked them for the follow up, but given I was only sleeping there, I didn’t need any assistance….I just thought it was funny.

For the record, that’s not sand, it’s just the color of the roof. šŸ™‚ Though the palm trees add a desert-like feel, I think. Perhaps that was the intent because the room never quite cooled down either. Along with the view I’ve never quite had before, I got something else I’d never had from a hotel upon checking in, admittedly early….. not so surprisingly, they were short of rooms at 11am, but “we don’t have any keys right now” actually caught me by surprise.

Frankly, I was only going to sleep there for 8 hours or so and I never looked out the window again. That said, theĀ Marriott Burbank AirportĀ is not on my list of favorite hotelsĀ ever. Here’s a look at the room.




My Marriott app labeled my room a “larger” room. Assuming that was actually correct, I’d love to see what smaller looks like. The bathroom was enormous compared to the rest of the room.


It was convenient to my Pan Am 747 flight (more on that later), and the rate was beyond reasonable. Better yet, the concierge lounge was actually open for breakfast on Sunday morning. But other than that, I’d call my stay and my room averageĀ at best. YMMV. I’ll likely stay elsewhere next time I’m in the area.

-MJ, May 18, 2015