Lufthansa is the major airline in Germany and they serve Dublin in Ireland. Heading to Toulouse, Lufthansa economy class connecting in Frankfurt was more cost effective than taking the direct Aer Lingus service.

After a very early wake up call, I headed to the airport on the AirCoach bus, which runs every half an hour during the night. During my journey, I received a handy notification about my gate.

On arrival at the airport, sailed through security in Dublin as there was literally no queue. Passing through all the closed shops, I waited near my gate. Boarding was called 30 minutes prior departure and soon enough I was on board.

LH983 – Dublin to Frankfurt (DUB-FRA)
1 March 2019
Airbus A321 – D–AIRS – “Husum”
Seat: Economy Class 7A
Departure: 05:05 Arrival: 08:05

After a brief welcome at the door, I passed through business class to my seat. The curtain divider between business class and economy class is down from boarding to landing. At British Airways, the curtain is left open until the aircraft is in the air.

Lufthansa Economy Seat

Seating is pretty standard for economy class. Pleasingly, I found the knee room to be on par with other airlines. I never have an issue with this anyway as I am not exactly tall.

Blue carpet is underfoot and I found the seat comfortable enough. Once boarding was complete, I was happy to find the middle seat free next to me. That always makes me enjoy a flight just that much more!

Safety On Board

Checking out the safety card found that Lufthansa go for four pages in total. Many other airlines just have a double sided card, so it was interesting to see this.

Before take off, the crew do a manual safety demonstration, in German then English. I found it to be very to the point, with no extraneous information.

How About Some Wi-Fi?

Prior to boarding I noticed the aircraft had a Wi-Fi hump installed in the roof. Wireless Internet is offered on board, and the pricing isn’t too bad.

Since the flight time was quite short, I decided not to pay. I imagine it is quite handy for those needing to complete something urgent though, or for longer sectors.

Fast and Furious Service

Service on board was surprisingly quick, probably helped by the fact I was in the second row of economy class. Around ten minutes after take-off, the carts were out and we were being offered a choice of a Pastrami and Egg on Rye sandwich or a Chocolate Cookie.

Almost everyone was choosing the sandwich so I did too. I asked the crew if I could also have the cookie when they were done – if they had any left – and she indicated she would see.

Immediately after the food cart comes the drinks cart. On offer were apple, orange and tomato juice, as well as water, tea, coffee and I saw a bottle of coke. People were being proactively offered more than one drink, which was nice.

For a morning meal, the sandwich was quite nice! Once service finished, the crew member came back and remembered I wanted “seconds” and I was brought another sandwich, being told it was the last one on board. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I ate that one too.

Moments later, they came through to collect the rubbish and I enjoyed the views for the remainder of the flight. We arrived ten minutes early and deplaned off a remote stand into buses. I wished the head cabin crew member a nice day received a “Likewise!” in response.

Overall Thoughts

Lufthansa economy class is certainly efficient. Being served very quickly and with no fuss is great, as it leaves you with the rest of the flight to relax. The two different cabin crew serving the food and drinks were both very smiley and friendly and personable which I enjoyed.

No complaints from me on the food, especially as I was happy to receive something without having to haul out my credit card to pay for it. All in all, a faultless European sector from Lufthansa.

Have you flown Lufthansa economy class in Europe? What do you think of this flight? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons.