It’s been a few years since I last flown with Eva Air and it was on their 777 from LAX to Tapei. I recently booked a short 3-hour flight on Eva Air A330 Business Class from Seoul, South Korea to Taipei, Taiwan. For my full flight review, watch below.

Seats and Controls

Eva Air A330 Business Class is configured in a 2-2-2 seating. It is very similar to the Korean Air A330 configuration I flew last year. I typically don’t like a 2-2-2 configuration because it lacks privacy. The seats do provide a middle divider to block your neighbours head but it hardly gives you any privacy. Luckily, I took an early from a flight from Seoul and most of the business cabin was empty.

Eva Air A330 Business

Business Seats

a small screen on a plane

Front View

The control for the seat adjustment was located on the left side. Whereas, the audio jack for my headphones was located on the bottom right. I found it a bit difficult to plug in the cable as it was next to my hip and it was a bit dark to see where the jack was.

EVA AIr A330 Seat Control

Seat Contol

a plastic bag in a car

Audio Jack and USB


Final Thoughts

The food was excellent. It was very light and delicious. The empty business cabin left the flight attendants readily available to me when I requested anything. They continued to check up on me to ensure I was having a pleasant experience.  Even though the airplane was the Hello Kitty edition, it didn’t have all the amenities typically found on other Hello Kitty flights. It lacked the Hello Kitty pillow, head rest cover, and food menu which helps add to the overall experience. When I flew the LAX to Taipei route on the Hello Kitty plane a few years ago, they had Hello Kitty toilet paper but from my understanding, Eva Air had to stop this because passengers were stealing the toilet paper for souvenirs Nonetheless, if you never have flown on the Hello Kitty plane, I’d recommend it especially if you’re a big Hello Kitty Fan.