Here are a few other articles from around the travel web that I think you may find interesting, all related to the current coronavirus pandemic:

Lufthansa Group takes action to cut 23,000 flights – Economy Class and Beyond

There is no end to the travel- and airline-related coronavirus news. But it is truly crazy to see the sort of capacity that airlines are cutting in the wake of this pandemic. Cathay cut 75% of their schedule. Airlines are furloughing people. United is expecting revenue to be down 70%. The impact of the coronavirus on the travel industry will likely be felt for years.

IATA reiterates travel is safe, calls for return to normalcy – TTG Asia

The IATA is solidly in the camp of the airlines, who stand to lose billions of dollars due to this pandemic. I’m not sure that I can concur with their sweeping assumption that transmission is unlikely. If flights are very empty, I might buy it. People have space. But if things were back to normal? Not so much.

COVID-19 Updates From Alaska Airlines – Travel Codex

Airlines are doing their best to reassure customers that they are taking precautions. Alaska’s latest update covers the cleaning procedures that they are undertaking. I do appreciate the lengths airlines are going to in light of this pandemic. Yet underneath all of this is the desperation to fill seats as new booking continue to slide.


Imagine being put on lock-down at a resort in the Maldives after fellow guests test positive for coronavirus. How utterly inconvenient!

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