Perhaps it’s the altitude talking, but I was very surprised to see the American Airlines Admirals Club in Denver is co-branded with British Airways. Of course, they are oneworld alliance partners, but still!

Never fear, the lounge is definitely an Admirals Club, following a similar aesthetic to the other lounges in the network. Let’s have a look and see what’s on offer.

Entering The Club

A lot of signage is present telling you where to go. Presumably this is to make sure you don’t wander accidentally into the Delta Sky Club by mistake.

The attendant at the desk welcomed me sincerely and I proceeded inside, free drink vouchers in hand. Alas, the Admirals Club does not have views of the airport, just the inside of the terminal, which is always disappointing.

The Admirals Club Bar in Denver

With an 08:00 flight departure time, I entered the lounge about 06:30. Attempting to order a cocktail at the bar met with the polite response that I could only buy alcohol post 07:00. To tide me over, I had some water.

People feeling a bit peckish can order a range of items off the menu. Considering how much airport prices are, I thought everything quite reasonable. A minute or two before 07:00 the bartender came back and started on my Blood Orange Margarita so it would be ready.

Shortly it was served and I wandered over to the seats to sip it through to departure time. It is a good drink, so you really should get it if you’re passing through!

A Kids Area

Kids areas always come across a little sad in a lounge. Perhaps it’s the dainty pieces of furniture or perhaps it is because they’re usually devoid of life, but they always seem desolate.

This one surprised me though because it had some teddies sitting on the computer in the space. Too cute for words! Who doesn’t like teddies?

Complimentary Items

Free stuff, everyone loves the free stuff. Since it was breakfast time, the cereals were out and there are three kinds to choose from. There are also a bunch of breakfast rolls and cakes and danish type items.

Non-alcoholic beverages are available as well as the standard infused ice water. This is always very welcome after hot footing it through security and check-in.

Denver Decor

It’s an Admiral’s Club and they largely look identical. When there’s a refresh, it would be nice for them to do what Qantas did in their overseas lounges and design each one to reflect the place it is in. That would be nice!

Power sockets are available at most seats and there is plenty of space to spread out and work. The space is divided up so you can get away from the noisy businessman on the phone, of which there were a few. Wireless Internet is fast and fine.

Overall Thoughts

The American Airlines Admirals Club in Denver is a fine place to wile away some time before a flight. The bar tender was tidying up the area where I was sitting and drinking my cocktail and asked how it was. Both her and the lady checking people in were so very nice!

Trying to find a minor quibble brings me to the fact that the toilets are outside and presumably shared with next door. That is no show stopper and I overall I thoroughly enjoyed the lounge.

Have you been to an Admirals Club or the one in Denver? What did you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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