This cruise has ended. MrsMJ and I disembarked Celebrity Reflection yesterday after 14 nights aboard. I must admit that I’m a bit envious of my fellow cruisers who are continuing on the trans Atlantic crossing to Miami. After such a hectic schedule of touring, 8 days at sea sounds like a bonus to me.

Like all cruises, this one was not perfect. I had previously mentioned that the ship developed a propulsion issue (now referred to as an electrical problem by Celebrity) during the cruise which caused us to travel at a slower than normal speed. We missed our stop in Rhodes, Greece, because of this, and arrived late in Malta as well. Celebrity did extend our time in port in Malta, and there were no further issues that I am aware of for our itinerary.

Technical specialists boarded the ship in Kusadasi to work on the problem, but were unable to fully resolve the issue as of our disembarkation. As a result, the trans Atlantic itinerary will be missing one of the few ports they were to call on as well. Why am I writing about this since it didn’t really impact me? I sense the need for a future post on communication from cruise lines, which I found to be lacking on this issue.

Again, we had a fabulous cruise. I wouldn’t hesitate to cruise on Celebrity Reflection again. Now, we are enjoying Barcelona and the beautiful Hotel Arts for 2 days before flying home. Yes, there will be a hotel review, and finally, a review of my Lufthansa First Class experience….roundtrip. 🙂