When aircraft finish their useful life, they’re usually sent for scrapping as a lot of the material is recyclable. Lufthansa has gone one step further and turned an old Airbus A340-600 into lifestyle products.

Product designers and recycling experts were commissioned to turn all the bits and pieces of a jet… into bits and pieces you can own and use. Some of the items are pretty cool actually and the best bit is you can buy them!

The Lufthansa Upcycling Collection

Pleasingly the German airline has put together a short three minute video about the collection. Of course it is in German, but it has English subtitles for the non-speakers like me.

It’s great seeing the interesting ways they are turning things like business class blankets and headrest covers into things you can use. Upcycling is definitely the perfect description for it.

I Want To Buy These Lifestyle Products!

You need really need to check out the things on offer, as some are really cool. The sold out items include the wall bar below and a clock, both made from aircraft windows. I think this is a unique way to repurpose a plane.

There are many other things available, such as coffee tables, bags, pillows and a wallet. Prices range from €25 to €2,999 but frequent flyers can also use miles, it appears. You can see the collection and make purchases here.

Overall Thoughts

A lot of the items that formed the basis for the lifestyle collection were available due to Lufthansa’s rebrand. I particularly liked how they used safety cards in the bottom of the bags, as it is both cool and something I wouldn’t have thought of.

Is there anything there that you would buy? What do you think of what they’re doing? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Curimedia | P H O T O G R A P H Y via Wikimedia Commons.