LEVEL Europe, one of the low-cost carriers owned by the International Airlines Group (IAG), has entered insolvency as of today. The Austrian-based business has ceased trading. While the branding is the same, the airline isn’t the same as the long-haul LEVEL service operating out of Barcelona El Prat Airport.

In addition to their LEVEL brands, IAG also owns British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Vueling. They are also in the process of acquiring Air Europa, which is amazingly still ongoing, even through the pandemic. I’d be surprised if one or more of their other low-cost brands doesn’t fail this year.

LEVEL Europe Insolvency Announcement

With all that has happened to the airline industry in the past few months, I’m not surprised carriers are insolvent. The airline industry has been in upheaval. The failure of LEVEL Europe doesn’t come as all that much of a surprise to me.

The formal announcement came today, June 19, 2020. There is a release on the LEVEL Europe website. The airline hasn’t flown since March of this year. Now they won’t ever again.

If you’re affected by LEVEL Europe’s failure, you’ll need to contact the travel provider who sold you the ticket. If you bought tickets directly from LEVEL Europe, you’ll need to file a a credit card charge back to receive your funds back. The airline has the following statement on their site:

“In the event that you were a supplier or creditor of the Company and you require further details in relation to the Administration, an administrator will be appointed. Contact information for the administrator will be posted on this page on or before Wednesday June 24, 2020.”

I wouldn’t expect refunds to affected passengers to happen through the administration process, given the state of the airline. The airline will not be providing alternative travel arrangements to affected passengers.

Final Thoughts

It’s always sad to see airlines fail. I felt like we saw an undue number in 2019. With the ongoing pandemic, this year could actually be worse, unless there are massive cash injections into airlines (which there have been in many countries).

H/T: Loyalty Lobby