My hat is off to the Twitter team at Royal Jordanian as some of their 2017 tweets could be used as a lesson in social media. Not only are the tweets relevant, they show creative flair and humour which I really like.

Jordan is a fantastic country to visit and the people are full of hospitality. This is reflected on Royal Jordanian with its superb Crown Class product. Here are some of the excellent tweets from the airline’s social media team this year.

A Poetry Lesson

At one stage electronics were banned from being taken in the cabin during the year. Royal Jordanian responded with good humour in the form of poems. Passengers were invited to submit poems themselves with the chance to win free tickets.

Someone at the airline is very creative indeed. There is also a good deal of flair behind the following cheeky pieces of advice for those on board without their devices.

My favourite is “Engage in primitive dialogue from the pre-internet era”. I am sure some people wouldn’t know how to do that at all in this day and age.

A History Lesson

Airlines that have a history should acknowledge that fact. I think the past is being given short shrift in today’s Internet age which is a terrible shame.

Royal Jordanian tend to make it a little like a lesson, asking a question about a picture in order to engage people. I find it quite interesting and would love to see how well this works.

A Lesson In Current Events

Clearly keeping an eye on current trends, the team leverage some of this to their advantage. Both Brexit and the ‘covfefe’ gaffe get the Jordanian treatment here.

When the French elections took place, the eyes of the world were monitoring the outcome. This did not escape the busy bees in the social media room at RJ either.

It is really interesting to look at how they use current events and the associated hashtags to promote their product. Someone should do a study on something like this

A Lesson In Promoting Royal Jordanian

Naturally the team also post things that directly promote the airline, among other things. One below promotes Royal Plus which seems to have a three year stay at the top tier. I might have to look into earning that!

The cabin crew above are wearing the traditional Jordanian dresses at graduation, I assume. One crew member wears one of these on each flight and it is really beautiful to see up close, what with the intricate weaving and patterns. I like them very much!

Overall Thoughts

I have told you before that I have a soft spot for Royal Jordanian, so I was pretty pleased to see all of these Twitter moments from 2017. Things like this really humanise an airline which I quite like.

Several months ago I almost used my miles to go somewhere and included Royal Jordanian on the itinerary but ultimately decided to do something else. Hopefully I will get a chance to sample Jordan and the airline again in the future.

Do you have any examples of a social media team doing fun, interesting or amusing things? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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Featured image by BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada via Wikimedia Commons.
All other images via @RoyalJordanian on Twitter.