I have a bit of a soft spot for oneworld carrier Royal Jordanian. Several years ago I had the pleasure of taking several flights with them in business class, which they call Crown Class. All of my flights were a total joy.

The airline is based in Amman and operates a small yet modern fleet of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft. A variety of destinations are served in Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

Royal Jordanian Economy Class Meals

From today, Royal Jordanian is introducing a new Economy Class dining experience (pictured above). The press release is at pains to point out that the airline is following global trends which leads me to believe this is a cost cutting measure.

The new meals will comprise of “a variety of cheeses, cold meats, entrees and Arabic desserts”. All routes apart from those to the US, Canada, the Far East and London will move to the new catering.

Crown Class Lounge Access For Purchase

Economy Class passengers can purchase access to the Crown Lounge in Amman. These lounge passes will entitle the bearer to access the lounge 3 hours prior to departure and are priced at US$39.

The lounge is quite large so it makes sense for Royal Jordanian to try to monetise the space. Judging by reviews, it is a pretty decent lounge too which is not surprising for one located at the airline’s home base.

Royal Jordanian Joins The Bidding Bandwagon

Passengers in Economy Class on Royal Jordanian can bid to fly in Crown Class at a reduced rate with a Go Crown bidding service announced in a press release from August. Interestingly it is also found in a November 2014 press release so perhaps it is a relaunch.

Bidding for seats allows unsold premium seats to be filled which benefits the airline by enhancing revenue and gives passengers a chance to fly up front for less than the usual cost. Many airlines use a similar system.

Overall Thoughts

Royal Jordanian is currently in the middle of a transformation programme in order to turnaround its financial performance. A new CEO was appointed in June to facilitate this, so hopefully this will improve the airline’s fortunes.

I wish the airline every success as I found the Crown Class meals and drinks to be excellent when I flew with them, not to mention the hospitable service. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images are courtesy of Royal Jordanian.