British Airways use the Airbus A320 series of aircraft throughout Europe. Seat pitch is currently 30″ for all seats on board the aircraft which means it is the same whether you are flying in Club Europe or Euro Traveller.

Taller people are advised to think smart when booking with British Airways for flights in Europe. There are a few seats on board which feature extra leg room.

Leg Room In Most Seats

Most of the British Airways short haul fleet has the same seating throughout the cabin. They’re virtually all identical and all of them have the following leg room.

It is quite spacious… for me. It must be noted that I am 170cm tall or 5’7″ in the old fashioned measurement. While my legs are long for my height, I could never be called tall.

Leg Room In Row 1

Passengers flying in European business class – Club Europe – have one option and one option only, which is to secure a seat in the front row. This may be more difficult than you might think however.

Seats in the front row are not released to the general public until check-in. High level frequent flyers can select them when they book, so you may never find them available. All other seats have the same leg room as Euro Traveller.

More Leg Room In Euro Traveller?!

Tall people would be advised to avoid Club Europe and book a ticket in Euro Traveller. This way you can select the exit row seats which are far more spacious than the standard seats.

You can see above that there is much more leg room here. Window seat passengers will have to contend with one arm rest integrated with the escape hatch but I found it to be no issue at all.

Exit row seats cost €25 each on a flight between Dublin and London and may vary on other routes. They are free for British Airways and oneworld status holders.

Overall Thoughts

It is apparent to me that some passengers deliberately book tickets in Euro Traveller so they can sit in the exit row. It makes perfect sense for taller people, especially on longer flights.

Media reported earlier in 2017 that British Airways want to add two more rows to the A320 and A321 aircraft which will mean decreasing the seat pitch from 30″ to 29″. Personally I think it is tight enough as it is. I notice it at face level more than anything and I think enough is enough with the reduction in space.

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