A lot of pot smoking-affected eyes are on Nipton, California, a former gold rush and rail town situated on the remote edge of the Mohave National Preserve that has been reduced to hardly anything more than a modest trading post and an even more modest hotel. Oh, and an RV park.

Apparently this little known haunt of about a dozen residents (more or less) is about to be revitalized.

Pot Company Invasion

The interested party? Phoenix-based American Green, Inc, one of the country’s largest cannabis companies, a so-called seed-to-sale innovator that is taking on all 120 acres to reportedly make this hamlet into a green and cannabis-friendly destination for curious travelers.

Situated 60 miles south of Las Vegas near the California/Nevada border, Nipton, California is now said to be in escrow with current owner Roxanna Lang as of the first week of August. Although the amount on the table is not in the public records yet, Lang listed the town for $5 million with her late husband, Gerald Freeman, in 2016.


Green Power

According to the Washington Post via John Locher and John Rogers of the Associated Press (AP), Lang is not at all upset about future plans for the place she and her spouse, who passed away since putting Nipton on the market, had called home.

She said, “I think [Gerald, a Los Angeles geologist who claimed to be a Libertarian] would find a lot of humor in [the transaction].” Roxanna added that he “had no problem with people using marijuana.”

The AP article said that Freeman’s widow believes that “as a proponent of green power, he’d be all in favor of energy independence. Over the years he had installed a solar farm himself that provides much of the tiny town’s electricity.”

Cannabis Water

In particular, Gerald’s rejuvenated solar farm is apparently of great interest to American Green as the company is reportedly going to expand the homestead for visitor use.

Also in the plans: A place to find CBD or cannabinoid-infused water, bottled from Nipton’s aquifer and then sold to the public to drink or even to take a bath in if so desired. Another diversion: Marijuana cooking contests to keep the stoned and not yet stoned tourists motivated.

Growing Up

American Green president and CEO David Gwyther is more than enthusiastic, stating in a press release, “We are excited to lead the charge for a true Green Rush… The cannabis revolution that’s going on here in the U.S. has the power to completely revitalize communities in the same way gold did during the 19th century.”

Specifically in Nipton, California, which was founded at that time, this new era for the small community will likely be a place for pot tourism to prevail. American Green wants to bring in other weed-motivated companies to sell all kinds of industry favorites, like edibles and other treats.

With that, if all goes according to plan, new job opportunities for current residents whose population numbers in the double digits, if that, will come–something that is sorely needed in this destination located, for most intents and purposes, in the middle of nowhere.

For now, though, Nipton residents need to be satisfied with the biggest source of revenue at present. So what is that? Why, California lottery tickets, of course.