Things Not To Say At Airports
Just a week after the deadly shooting at LAX which took the life of TSA Security Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez, Airport Police reported responding to two possible threats on Friday evening.  As with any incident involving a threat or potential threat, all precautions clearly are in place by law enforcement, security personnel and other airport and airline employees.

One incident, in Terminal 2, reportedly occurred at the TACA Airlines ticket counter when a passenger stated he did have a dangerous item inside his checked baggage. Police responded to the report made by the ticketing agent of the man’s statement. When questioned by police, the man indicated he was “only joking around” in his response to the standard questioning by the ticketing agent of any concerns about the contents of his baggage.

The second incident, in Terminal 3, came within the same hour when a limo driver reported to police that his passenger had a handgun with him which he saw. Airport Police were able to locate the man and find an unloaded firearm in his luggage. He was arrested for brandishing a weapon, according to media reports.

If you follow the TSA Blog, you probably are not surprised by the consistent intentional and accidental possession of firearms, weapons, and other items, week in and week out, that have been deemed a threat and are not allowed on board a plane or even inside an airport, in most cases. These incidents are often peppered with absurd “joking” about being in possession of something dangerous.

Yes, this idiotic behavior happens more often then you may think. See TSA reported incidents such as I have eight bombs on me (the police report stated that the passenger “may” have been intoxicated) and possibly had a bomb in his bag at GPT…as “he thought the statement would get him through security faster.” Or the passenger at Charlotte (CLT) who announced, after being told she couldn’t take an item on the plane, I hope someone comes in here and blows you all up.

I’m sure my readers, travel gurus and novices alike, know better, but it is always worth repeating and passing along…

DO NOT make jokes about explosives, bombs, etc. anywhere near an airport or an airplane.  Just don’t. In fact, just treat “B*MB” like another four-letter word.


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